For its new edition, the FITE - Textile Biennial has chosen the theme PLAY. It will be present in Clermont-Ferrand, Lyon and Cervières from 2 July 2024 and will fly to Saõ Paulo in Brazil during 2025.



FITE has chosen PLAY as its theme because it represents a gap, a distance and a step back in our relationship with reality and our confrontation with the world. It is a source of pleasure, an educational value, an emancipating energy, an exercise in reason and strategy. It encourages creativity, problem-solving, divergent thinking and the development of new ideas.

PLAY also refers to sport. The FITE proposes to address this vision of PLAY as well, because play in sport guarantees the participation of amateurs and professionals alike. And it proposes that play and art be reinvested in sport, in order to open up the possibility of "playing with the rules" and guaranteeing the participation of all.

FITE is interested in the relationship that our contemporary societies, increasingly won over by the 'game', have with video games, sports betting and the 'serious game', which offer interactivity and sometimes even the determination of rules. It also explores the role of games as a means of dazzling spectators, who are assigned the role of fascination.
The central exhibition at the Musée Bargoin adopts the principle of playing and "playing with the rules", those of presentation, those of "truth", of knowledge... It offers artists the museum as a playground, in which each artist plays in his or her own way, revealing something of our contemporary societies.
In Clermont-Ferrand, the FITE is presenting works of art in a variety of places familiar to the people of Clermont-Ferrand, punctuating the city with a mischievous spirit. And in Lyon, at the Showroom Galerie 7, an exhibition of young Lithuanian artists and at Cervières in Forez, the Maison des Grenadières presents an exhibition where embroidery is used to illustrate this theme.

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