Nouveau un PASS / ADHÉSION pour le FITE – Biennale Textile Pourquoi un PASS / ADHÉSION ?

Because we love FITE, artists, students and Clermont-Ferrand, and we want to help Change the World.
By paying a membership fee, you support the FITE - Biennale Textile, and are no longer simply a spectator, but become an active participant in the festival, making events, highlights, workshops, visits and admission to exhibitions (outside the 4 museums) free of charge for a larger number of people.
Ainsi vous permettez le développement du festival ainsi qu’une plus grande visibilité de l’Art Textile en France comme à l’International.

In this way, you help to develop the festival and raise the profile of Textile Art in France and abroad.

WATCH OUT! this PASS is only available until July 7, on the online ticketing system on the FITE website, or directly at the FITE office at the Bargoin museum. To collect your tickets, please go to the FITE office with your PASS (before July 7).