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In 2021, the FITE did not take place in Dakar, Senegal, but many projects undertaken with the country were presented at the FITE 2022 in Clermont-Ferrand.
Fite 2020-2021

Love etc.

A feeling, an emotion, an action, a way of being, of seeing others, it is an opening, it is an openness, an attitude, a way of being in the world. To love is to pledge kindness and generosity, to wish for the best, to act in the world and to collectively think. Love is a creative power that enable us to reflect on the world based on difference rather than identity. In 2020, Clermont-Ferrand becomes the active city of this meeting while in 2021, the FITE should have travelled to Senegal but was finally cancelled. While certain collaborations were not be realized, leading to the cancellation of the event in Dakar, the other projects carried out during the year (notably the Textile Laboratory with the artists Cécile N’diaye and Johanna Bramble or even the Child Ambassadors which should have been shown at the Gorée Sea Museum), were nevertheless visible in Clermont-Ferrand, at the Camille Claudel Center and at the Roger Quilliot Art Museum Clermont Auvergne Metropole.

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